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Does it make sense to buy my own skis or would it not be cleverer to rent them? Is it worth buying ski equipment for only a few weeks skiing holiday? Every year new models are launched on the market – the hottest model today will be outdated tomorrow. The range of top quality skis is getting increasingly broader, providing an ideal ski for every snow condition. But who wants to have so many skis in their cellar? And then there's all the lugging and transport to think of. Most of us don't even have enough space in our cars - a roof rack not only costs money, but also increases fuel consumption. And anyone who has travelled by train on a skiing holiday knows how annoying it can be to lug around bulky ski equipment during the journey. If you choose to fly, you can't escape having to pay a surcharge for additional baggage. We have put together a few questions and answers that winter holidaymakers often ask.

Is it expensive to rent skis?

Renting a pair of skis is not necessarily more expensive than buying your own equipment. It depends on the type of skier you are and the type of equipment you require. In the larger ski resorts you will find a number of providers that compete with each other. Price comparison always pays off.

What are the advantages of renting skis?

By choosing to rent skis, you will always have the latest models that come freshly tuned. That means the skis are waxed and the edges are sharpened. You can also spontaneously decide to try a different model and exchange the one you currently have, for example if there is fresh snow and you want to try a freeride ski. Also, you don't have to lug your skis back to your hotel and prepare them yourself. Instead you can simply drop them off at a ski depot right in the ski area.

For whom is ski rental worthwhile?

Any beginner, intermediate advanced skier who goes on ski holidays for a maximum of 2 weeks per year will find it is definitely cheaper with ski rental, even with the same high-quality equipment. Especially if you take into account the cost of annual tuning. Those who like to adapt their equipment to the current snow conditions will also benefit.

Can I rent the right boots for skiing and snowboarding?

Of course. We have the right ski and snowboard boots for you in stock. Perfectly matched to your ski, our boots are available in all sizes from 25 - 50. It is our standard policy that the boots are cleaned, dried and disinfected after each rental.

Do children receive a discount on ski rental?

Skiing is not a cheap pastime, especially for families. That's why at Clever&Sporty we offer each child up to the age of 10 that is accompanied by a paying adult free ski rental. Otherwise, we offer a 75% discount for children up to 10 years and a 50% discount for children up to 14 years.

Do I always have to take my skis back to the hotel or are there ski depots?

Who actually wants to lug his or her skis across the village or take them into a packed ski bus? Perhaps you want to head straight to après-ski after skiing without having to keep an eye on your gear. Save yourself all the hauling by dropping your equipment off at one of our 4 depots in Sölden. Those who rent skis from us will even receive special rates.

When is buying cheaper than renting?

Ski freaks who go skiing for more than 2 weeks per year and also like to travel spontaneously to different ski areas may not want to waste any time in selecting equipment before they set off.

Is it better to book ski rental in my hometown or in the ski resort?

You can of course choose your skis at a shop in your hometown. However, the sports shops in a ski resort have a much wider selection and large numbers of each model are stored in stock. In addition, pickup and return in your hometown may be time-consuming, and then the equipment itself must be transported to and from the ski resort.

What models do you have available?

At Clever & Sporty, you can rent all different kinds of ski models such as slalom skis, race carvers or fat freeride skis for deep powder. In fact, if you choose you can even rent a different model every day! We have good-natured skis for beginners as well as sporty for ski aces and high-end equipment for the technique freaks.

Do you also rent snowboards?

We offer a complete range of snowboards in our rental service, with something for everyone from the snowboarding novice to the diehard in the halfpipe. We also have suitable equipment for children and teenagers in stock.

Do you have other equipment available for rent?

We also have other accessories for rent. At Clever&Sporty, helmets and ski poles are available for rent at affordable prices.

Where can I get my ski pass?

You can purchase your ski pass at the ticket office at the valley station or you can buy it directly from us on our website when book your equipment.

Do you also have skis for children or teenagers?

Yes, we certainly do. We have skis and snowboards as well as suitable boots and helmets, available in all sizes.

Do I get a discount when I book as a group?

Are you a big family or group of at least 5 people? Then just send us a group enquiry and we will send you a customised quote within 24 hours.

Where are these ski depots located?

One of our 4 ski depots is always nearby. You will find our Clever&Sporty sports shop in the centre of Sölden. The other depots are at Sport Brugger at the Zentrumsshuttle, the Giggijochbahn and Gaislachkogelbahn stations.

Can I change my equipment every day?

If you so desire, you can change your equipment as often as you like. For ski and snowboard exchange we charge a fee of € 10 Euros per exchange.

How often are my skis waxed and tuned?

Your skis or snowboard will be freshly edge-tuned and perfectly waxed when received from us. If you would like to have them serviced during the rental period, for a fee of only € 15 you can make your skis or snowboard run like new again.

What machines do you use for ski tuning?

We use high-end Wintersteiger ski tuning robots.

What does your VIP service include?

Our VIP service picks you up at your holiday accommodation on the first day and brings you to our Clever&Sporty sports shop in Sölden. There you will get your equipment, which of course we will deliver to your accommodation. You can always exchange some of your equipment and our daily edge tuning service is of course included.

Can I book my skis in advance or online?

Of course. In fact, we specialise in online rental and offer you a discount of 35% on the regular ski rental price in our store when you book online. That means you get perfectly tuned skis for just under € 60 per week.

Is insurance against theft and breakage included?

You can book an insurance package through us for only € 2.50 per day. This ensures you are covered in the event that your skis or snowboard are stolen or broken.

Do you also sell ski clothing?

In our shop situated right in the centre of Sölden, you get everything for the perfect outfit on the slopes as well as stylish fashion for the evening.


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